Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New season and little things

September is finally here, the girl has begun third grade and a whole new season is beginning. Even with a Summer that loves to linger longer and longer each year, my mind is still gearing itself for Fall.  Things are definitely changing even if the climate hasn't yet. Now that school has started, the boy and I are working on a new home schedule which now also includes meal times along with his nursing.  This is definitely a busy time for me not only because of family, church, domestic and softball duties but because I have an art deadline coming up soon. My mind is trying to work itself up but I also have to remember to slow down and rely on His grace and strength to get me through. There are many things, both big and small that I am thankful during all this, including a very helpful, supportive husband!

With that said, a little list of simple pleasures of late:
I'm also excited about the folks at Bulb in Blue/Blue Marguerite posting a few of my crafty things from my previous blog as tutorials on their websites! Bulb in Blue is the English version and Blue Marguerite is the French version:



Be back soon hopefully after alllllll my work is done. Well, at least the art work for the show because we all know work is never done! Until then, looking forward to the air becoming crisp, sweaters engulfing me with warmth, gilded and crimson leaves crunching beneath my feet, pumpkin spice everything and tea tea tea! 


  1. beautiful....love your artwork, that treehouse bed is adorably cute and warm and I can definitely see your kiddos in it :) best wishes with your art deadline..i'm sure you will get it done.

  2. I'm so happy to see you here again (in Blogland). I love seeing what you're doing and your lovely artwork. The new calling cards are just precious!

  3. i just discovered your art and i love it!! the little badger on your business card is so so cute.