Hello there. I am Andrea Gutierrez of littlebighead.

My love of drawing stemmed from my childhood days but it wasn't until after I had my first child that 'littlebighead' was also born. The name 'littlebighead' was actually a moniker my husband coined when watching our toddler girl bounce around with a full head of hair, thus looking like a little big head.

Since then, I have worked in oils, dabbled in acrylics and water colors, but I love inks best. I also like to challenge myself with needle and thread with occasional dolls, including making a few owls and mandrakes.

I have conceptualized and created artwork for a few bands, locally AND abroad, for use on album covers and merchandise. I have done logo designs, spot illustrations and designed business cards, T-shirts, and even tattoos for anyone that wants them.

I'm proud to have my work find permanent homes in private collections all over the U.S. as well as Canada, England, France, Australia and New Zealand.

I also go under the name 'pomegranates', usually for everything else that isn't particular or specific to just my art as littlebighead. You may bump into me on another site under that name, but it's all me, whether it's littlebighead, pomegranates or just plain Andrea Gutierrez.

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